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Mar 31, 2015
VESUVIUS  is an international world  group leader for the production of  technical ceramics solution for various markets such as the steel, foundry glass and solar industries. The  Gl... more

Company name: Vesuvius
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SunEdison appoints Jose Perez as company’s president of Europe, Africa And Latin America

24 April 2015 Solar energy services provider SunEdison has named Jose Perez as president of SunEdison Europe, Africa and Latin America — replacing Pancho Perez, who will join SunEdison Capital in a new position.

SunEdison appoints Cathy Zoi to head up rural electrification business

17 April 2015 SunEdison’s rural electrification business, which aims to give 20 million people access to electricity, will be headed up by Cathy Zoi.

Suniva to power 2.5MW plant in Vermont

14 April 2015 Solar cell and module manufacturer Suniva announced that it is powering a PV project with battery storage from Vermont-based utility Green Mountain Power (GMP.)

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