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Jun 18, 2014
Principal Engineer in Advanced Crystalline Silicon PV Modules The Solar Cell Technology Group at imec aims at developing low-cost scalable high-efficiency solar cell technologies, thereby leveraging maximal... more

Company name: Imec
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Solar Frontier appoints new chief executive and vice presidents

28 July 2014 Japanese thin-film solar company Solar Frontier has announced a number of changes to its senior management team which it says will aid the company’s expansion plans domestically and elsewhere.

SunPower veteran joins Mosaic as COO

24 July 2014 SunPower veteran Bruce Ledesma has joined crowdsourcing firm Mosaic as chief operating officer.

Two non-executive directors quit LDK Solar board

18 July 2014 Joint provisional liquidators of Cayman Islands-registered solar wafer producer, LDK Solar, have said that two non-executive directors of the company have resigned, without citing any reasons for the departures.

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