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Mar 12, 2014
Job description TOTAL is one of the largest energy companies in the world, with over 96,000 employees, activities in ... more

Company name: Total New Energies
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ROTH Capital adds analyst on increased investor interest in clean tech sector

23 April 2014 Investment bank, ROTH Capital Partners, has recruited Min Xu as a senior research analyst covering the clean technology sector, which expands its analyst team to three, headed by Philip Shen.

SunEdison shuffles regional presidency position

22 April 2014 Major PV energy provider, SunEdison, has named Jose Perez president of SunEdison Europe, Africa and Latin America, while the former regional president, Pancho Perez, moves into a new role as COO of SunEdison Capital.

Vivint Solar appoints chief strategy and innovations officer to boost business

16 April 2014 US-based residential PV installer, Vivint Solar has appointed Dwain Kinghorn as chief strategy and innovations officer to support its expansion plans in the US.

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